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Run & Done with PaSER

PaSER 1.0

PaSER 1.0 is a GPU powered real-time database search platform providing parallel computing power and real-time database search results for bottom-up proteomics.

Immediate Results!

Real-time results = efficiency


Основные моменты

PaSER is efficiency and savings

Real-time results inform you of current instrument and sample status

Analysis Time
Database searches take time, eliminate this step with uncompromised search results as soon as the acquisition is complete.
Instrument Time
Be sure every minute count’s, with PaSER you can be assured that your instrument time is spent in the most meaningful way.
Precious Samples
Save those precious samples! Whether they are single cell or clinical, PaSER’s smarts will make sure they are not wasted needlessly.
Instrument time, reagents and sample preparation are costly. PaSER and Run & Done will save money because you are assured you are producing meaningful data.


PaSER 1.0

4D-Proteomics™ with real-time search results and smart acquisition

Break the data analysis bottleneck by integrating real-time database search and smart acquisition provided by PaSER

Universally available

  • All current and future timsTOF Pro and fleX platforms are PaSER accessible


  • CCS-aware data is rich, even so real-time database search capabilities are a reality with PaSER including with PTMs like phosphorylation

Massive parallelization with GPU power

  • PaSER is GPU powered, provide massive compute power across thousands of CUDA cores

PaSER Data Review

  • View the intricate details of your data from the high level experimental information to a specific fragment ion spectrum of interest with confidence from the integrated viewer onboard all PaSER boxes
  • PaSER is smart, where a user defined qualification of proteins or peptides at the end of a sample acquisition determines the progression of your sample queue, this checks suitability, save precious samples, expensive consumables and instrument time


PaSER 1.0

Benefit from time and cost savings

  • No more worrying about injecting those precious samples.
  • No more worrying of wasted instrument time.
  • No more worrying about those samples with expensive reagents and sample prep, only to inject on a poor performing system.
  • No more waiting for the QC runs to determine system suitability.
  • No more waiting for search results during method development.

  • Precious samples
  • Instrument time
  • Expensive reagents
  • Sample prep time
  • Analysis time
  • Waiting time

PaSER provides consistent results obtained from the real-time search, identical to offline search of the same data. Since the database search algorithm is run on the GPU, the search times are negligible compared to CPU based searches. In addition to real-time search the opportunity to search a larger space for specific applications, including peptidome studies, becomes reality.

Blazing search speed. A) A single injection of a human cell lystate analyzed against the forward and reverse sequences of the Uniprot Human fasta file with upto 6 PTMs using either ProLuCID or ProLuCID-GPU search algorithm. B) PaSER can process MSMS spectra with an average search time ~1ms. C) PaSER search results are nearly identical whether done in a real-time manner or offline.



“Innovative software tools are a necessity to address unanswered biological questions with mass spectrometry. The trapped ion mobility functionality and the robustness of the timsTOF Pro offer unique bottom-up proteomics capabilities that can be effectively used to study many diseases.”

Professor John Yates III, the Ernest W. Hahn Professor at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California

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